Let's face it , we all have that one bag ( or more ) in our collection that just doesn't get the shoulder time it used to - especially when there are SO many tempting new bags just a click or two away.

That's where Monogram can help. We can turn your unwanted bags and accessories into cash , which means you can be back online and shopping before you know it. 

Here's how in 3 easy steps. :

1. Decide which items in your collection you want to sell .

2. Request a quote by contacting the Monogram Concierge team via email , Live Chat , Phone or DM.

3. Decide which sale method suits you best - Consignment or Direct Sale. We will take care of the rest and deposit the sale funds direct to your bank account.


The Monogram Concierge team will manage the entire process for you. We cover all the courier costs and your goods are insured every step of the way. 

Contact us now for more information.